FAQ & Materials I Use

This is a breakdown of the materials I currently use for plein air painting. If you have any specific questions about my gear or my plein air setup, please email me at km@artofkm.com.


I am self taught & have been painting for about 3 years, and plein air painting for 2 years. I am currently open for commissions - if you are interested please email me for more information!


2018-03-19 12.35.19.jpg

Watercolor Paint

These are the colors currently in my plein air palettes. I also use all of these in my studio palette. These are all tube paints that I have put into half/full pans and assembled myself.

  •  Sepia (ShinHan)
  •  Van Dyke Brown (ShinHan) 
  •  Winsor Red Deep (Winsor & Newton)
  •  Burnt Sienna (Van Gogh)
  •  Brown Madder (new addition!)  (Winsor & Newton) 
  •  Venetian Red (Daniel Smith)
  •  Crimson Lake (ShinHan) 
  •  Alizarin Crimson (Da Vinci) 
  •  Raw Sienna (Daniel Smith) 
  •  Yellow Ochre (Van Gogh) 
  •  Titan Buff (Qor)
  •  Lemon/Hansa Yellow (Da Vinci) 
  •  Winsor Yellow Deep (Winsor & Newton) 
  •  Leaf Green (Holbien)
  •  Sap Green  (ShinHan) 
  •  Winsor Green - Blue Shade (Winsor & Newton)  
  •  Ultramarine  (Daniel Smith) 
  •  Phthalo Blue (Da Vinci)
  •  Dioxazine Purple (Sennelier)
  •  Indigo (ShinHan) 


I am currently using this Jack Richeson Plein Air brushset as well as this 3/4" flat Galiano synthetic blend brush from Opus Art Supplies. I use a variety of round and flat brushes that range from pure synthetic to kolinsky sable.

2018-03-19 12.36.52.jpg

2018-03-06 12.20.07.jpg

Paper & Sketchbooks

I am currently searching for a good watercolor sketchbook to use for plein air painting. The best paper I recommend is the Arches 7"x10" cold press paper block, followed by the Strathmore Watercolor coil bound sketchbooks.

Plein Air Demo @ Opus: My Setup

2018-03-18 11.21.27.jpg

The finished demo painting from March 18th, 2018