FAQ & Materials I Use

This is a breakdown of the materials I currently use for watercolor painting. If you have any specific questions about my gear or my plein air setup, please email me at km@artofkm.com.


I am self taught & have been painting for about 3 years, and plein air painting for 2 years. I am currently open for commissions - if you are interested please email me for more information!


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Watercolor Paint

These are the colors currently in my watercolor palettes. I use most of these in my plein air palette. These are all tube paints that I have put into half/full pans and assembled myself.

  • Sepia (ShinHan)

  • Van Dyke Brown (ShinHan)

  • Winsor Red Deep (Winsor & Newton)

  • Burnt Sienna (Van Gogh)

  • Brown Madder (new addition!) (Winsor & Newton)

  • Venetian Red (Daniel Smith)

  • Crimson Lake (ShinHan)

  • Alizarin Crimson (Da Vinci)

  • Raw Sienna (Daniel Smith)

  • Yellow Ochre (Van Gogh)

  • Goethite (Daniel Smith)

  • Buff Titanium (Daniel Smith)

  • Lemon/Hansa Yellow (Da Vinci)

  • Winsor Yellow Deep (Winsor & Newton)

  • Leaf Green (Holbien)

  • Sap Green (ShinHan)

  • Winsor Green - Blue Shade (Winsor & Newton)

  • Perylene Green (Winsor & Newton)

  • Ultramarine (Daniel Smith)

  • Phthalo Blue (Da Vinci)

  • Dioxazine Purple (Sennelier)

  • Indigo (ShinHan)

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Studio Brushes:

I currently use a mishmash of brush shapes and sizes, most of which are synthetic natural fibre blends. My must have brushes are the 3/4” flat, a #8 and #4 round, and a #2 Raphael Cat’s Tongue.

Plein Air Brushes:

I am currently using this Jack Richeson Plein Air brushset. I also use a variety of round and flat brushes that range from pure synthetic to kolinsky sable, depending on the subject matter.

2018-03-19 12.36.52.jpg

2018-03-06 12.20.07.jpg

Paper & Sketchbooks

I am currently searching for a good watercolor sketchbook to use for plein air painting. In the studio my current favorite is both Hot and Cold pressed Fluid brand watercolor paper, or large Fabriano Cold press sheets.

Animal Portraiture, Nov 3rd 2018 Demo @Opus Langley.

2018-11-03 10.51.54.jpg

The finished demo paintings from Nov 3rd, 2018

sobek demo.jpg
Lola demo.jpg

The Sphynx cat was painted on Fluid Cold Press, while the Boston Terrier was painted on Fluid Hot Press. You can see the many layers of lighter colors, especially the purples and blues in the shadow areas. If you have any questions from the demo, please email me!